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CCK Letter of the Week

Dear CCK,
My anxiety levels was sky high and panic attacks were through the roof I was fearful how this night would play out. The Staff was incredibly heartwarming and helpful with a guided tour on entry this was my first time.I was an early bird so nothing much was happening other then just a normal night club vibes patrons enjoying conversation and drinks.
As the night went on I noticed gradually clothes were coming off and then the sirens rang and holy wreck everyone was walking around naked.
I proceeded to take my clothes off because now I’m overdressed I felt really comfortable it wasn’t all that bad, it was a wonderful experience.
I did get some action a lot more then I expected, the swing was my favourite, I apologise to those whom were waiting I did hog the swing. I was so exhausted the next day but it was a hell of a good night.I no longer spend endless nights shit talking on multiple dating sites.
I would be definitely coming back.I highly recommend CCK especially for introverts like me, oh and I lost my partner I went with but he had a good time too.
Kind regards A

Hi Carl,
We're a couple from Napier in our 40's and came to Auckland specially to visit CCK. You'll be thinking, are we nuts? Well maybe but my wife happened upon the CCK website about 8 months ago and we both found it very tempting .We've read all the letters,all the event descriptions and talked about it heaps. We've never experienced anything like this before. So, lets cut to the chase. Sam and Zoe..(club names!)
It was a Friday night before Easter, a nice dinner and we roll up at 9pm. Classy and sophisticated bar, a couple of drinks and it's time for our tour. We loved it.Everything explained nicely and ground rules spelt out clearly. We felt safe, excited and ready! We went straight upstairs and sat next to the tent with another couple. I was fizzing at the bung so much so that straight away I went for a grope through the tent. Jackpot! A soft 'brazilian' pussy to gently play with. It was already nicely wet. What if I 'spring the ferret' and pop that through the tent I thought? Result..warm willing mouth. I was in heaven! I didn't want to crash the custard truck then so I ventured into the tent and gave the lady what I hope was a decent stand up doggy. I held on. Nice. Okay, back to Zoe.
What's this then? Welcome to liquor land! Out 2 couch friends were getting a taste of a new friendship! The other guy was looking at me sort of seeking approval to garage the gerkin while my wife was on her knees attending to her new friend. I said,check with her, it's green light from me. So, there I was, watching the show.
After that it was time for the chair swing. Zoe in the chair, 2 guys sucking her fun bags, a lady doing a very professional job on her clit and me doing the 'jiggy jiggy, bang!' That's what you call unsustainable.
Yes, a massive cum from Zoe and a big ooh-ah from me.
So began our night at CCK!
Thank you so much to Chloe, Carl and team. S&Z Napier

Hi Chloe, Carl and your sexy team,
I live in Australia and have been visiting family that moved to NZ 8 years ago and I have been enjoying the CCK club on every trip I make across the ditch.
In the last 18 months I have entered into a new relationship and we have been “exploring” new sexual adventures which my horny lady is loving. We came to Auckland in November 2023 and attended CCK on a Wednesday night and having not been to a club like this before my lady was very excited to have many men pleasuring her at the one time. I suggested that we come back on Saturday night to “enjoy” the many sexy couples that would be there.. well I didn’t have to twist her arm. We had an absolute blast with a host of ladies squirting on the end of my fingers and some horny men & women keeping my girl smiling(continually).
We spent some time chatting with the previous owner of the club and his wife and they we extremely excited in that you had carried on with the club they had started and had even took it to a higher level… high praise indeed.
Well the plane tickets are booked and its my birthday when i arrive in May so I know where we will be celebrating, cant wait to be there… you only get one guess. Lol
G (& N)

We decided to try the Hot wives event last Sunday afternoon as we are regulars at the Wednesday night events and wanted to try a special event to see what it was like - we were not disappointed.
A mid-afternoon experience is a fantastic and fun way to enjoy the end of the weekend.  We arrived there 15mins after opening and already many couples and single guys had arrived and were socialising and enjoying drinks, and within minutes we were doing the same.
Sitting by the bar talking, laughing, watching and flirting.  Not long into the afternoon my wife lost her clothes and was down to her lingerie and high heels!! Quickly she was very busy on the beds with one of the single studs having a fantastic time while I roamed around the other areas enjoying the action - lots of options!!.
After enjoying a recovery drink she made her way to another single sitting across from us and within minutes we were out the back and she was in the swing enjoying another stud while myself and others watched on enjoying the show.
We had a fantastic afternoon and can’t wait to be back.
Thanks for providing such an enjoyable and safe environment for us all to enjoy ourselves.

Hi guys,
Hope you’re all well?! Here’s a short(ish) story I’ve been meaning to write for weeks - as today is international work avoidance day I thought I’d do it in work time :)
My husband and I have been visiting CCK for a while now, and always love trying out new things. We got well into the moment during a recent visit when I decided to leave the heels on, climb aboard my man and try out a technique called the High Heel C**k Bounce. That’s a crouch and bounce on a c**k. Helpfully I found the heels take away the need for too much of a deep squat movement so it didn’t feel like leg day at the gym, so it was a winner! However…as Carl rightly pointed out on our departure, I was lucky my heels didn’t pierce the mattress, so in future I think I’ll save that move for home! Thanks as always Chloe, Carl and the team - we love the amazing, welcoming environment you have created at CCK and look forward to seeing you again soon x
L and M

We came to CCK at the suggestion of another couple we met and played with off of Kasidie- the US version of They had been the week before and had so much fun that they joined the next night!
We are generally not club people- our local club is 3+ hours away, very big, and we find that we generally make better connections in small groups. However, they gave such rave reviews that we felt we couldn’t miss out. And oh man… we are SO glad we took their advice. We made reservations (thankfully!!) for Saturday night and had what may have been the sexiest night of my life, and the hubby felt exactly the same.
 Beautiful people, great conversation, phenomenal sex….! Holy crap, I will be thinking about Saturday night for a LONG TIME. 😏 CCK was the perfect size and location to meet, talk, and get intimate. I wouldn’t change a thing!
 We’re back in Auckland later this month and will definitely be back! Thank you, everyone, for such a warm and sexy welcome for these swinging Yanks.
Xoxo- E&D

Hi Chloe & Carl, and staff. First off thank you for providing such a great space for adult fun adventures. We are long time married couple with younger children, so adult time is at a premium for us.
Friends of ours Nat and Nic had been to CCK before, and come back with some pulse raising stories, so we were keen to give it a try. All four of us excitedly attended one Saturday night. When we arrived Chloe gave us a comprehensive tour of the club, which gave us many possibilities of things to try later (bucket list time, or should that be "fuck it list").
We grabbed some excellent cocktails from the friendly staff behind the bar, and retired to the tables in the area to people watch, chat, and let the butterfly settle a little. It wasn't long before looking at all the lovies, and their antics had us making out, and having a good play with each others bits (the girls had decided to go comando). We decided that the party really need to get stated on the swing. My wife the first to climb aboard, with Nic behind her. Soon her top was undone and large breasts released from their bra. Nic then started massaging them, rolling her nipples, before moving to her side so he could give them a good sucking. I moved to her other side. Her skirt slid up, and Nat began to work wonders on her pink bits, with her fingers, and the conveniently placed "magic wand". Another couple Rey and Matt turned up and asked if they could watch, grinning my wife replied YES. Having an audience must have really gotten to her, as she soon had her first "O" of the night.
Rey and Matt asked if they could join, yes we replied. Matt went straight to replace Nic my wife's nipple, while Rey joined Nat between my wife's legs. Everybody must have been hitting the right spots as my wife had a body rippling "O". After being helped out of the swing, Rey decided that she wanted some of what she had just seen, so she quickly climbed in. All of us worked on her sensitive bits, and soon she was having what looked like a series of "O's"
Next our group, along with our new found friends went to one of the side rooms. Where we all screwed our partners. Watching, while being watched is a rush, far better than any porno. We then moved back to the bar for more drinks, and a recovery break. Somehow we all ended up on one of the upstairs beds, where it became a six person "go for it", free for all.
Far to much fun happened to possibly fit into a short email. Highlights were a lot of "spit roasting", "double BJs", copious good oral, and fingering for the girls, a "reverse eiffel tower", with the girls having a good make out session, and my wife getting shagged hard by three willing studs until she was well satisfied. That doesn't even begin to cover all the other action we witnessed around us while we were enjoying our mini orgy.
So if you are like us and are thinking of going, just do it, CCK is an excellent place to "play".

My delicious man and I have been talking about visiting the Club for some time and teasing each other with stories about pleasuring each other in front of others, and joining in with multiple willing players. As we are both in our 50s we thought the Sunday Roast would be a good event to start with. By the time we arrived I was so nervous and over excited, it was ridiculous. We had talked about boundaries and also about the risk of seeing anyone we knew. The atmosphere immediately put all concerns to rest. Chloe and Karl were totally charming hosts. I was also delighted to find out delicious non alcoholic cocktails were available from the bar. The other guests, many of whom were repeat visitors, were so friendly and welcoming that it felt like we were in a very safe place. I loved walking down the stairs into the bar in my special ‘come fuck me’ crotchless red lingerie picked out especially for the occasion. It served me well all afternoon. We started off fucking each other in one of the bedrooms while watching some very hot orgy action in front of us on the bed. We soon built up the courage to approach the bed ourselves where I enjoyed for the first time ever licking the nipples of a lovely big breasted woman and touching her moist clit. My delicious man found this very arousing and took me from behind while I enjoyed my first woman on woman action. Before long we felt right in the swing of things and I decided my man should fuck our new friend who was clearly looking for company. With her hubby’s blessing my delicious man slid into her and gave her a good pumping while I watched on closely. It was very erotic. I thought it only polite to have a suck on her hubby’s cock for a bit which he seemed to enjoy. Later in the evening I rode my delicious man in reverse cowgirl on the same bed while a few men watched on and enjoyed stroking themselves. They thanked us for the show after my man blew his load and I felt like a porn star. When we went home that night we were so turned on that we fucked for hours, and again in the morning. Our club experience both before, during and after our visit is the most erotic thing I have ever done. It was empowering, enlightening, sexy and just plain fun. We will be back for more very soon. Thank you for having us!

We've been visiting the club on and off, for around 10 years now. But this night will go down as the most memorable. We were the second couple to arrive that evening, so naturally, we approached the other couple in the room. It wasn't long before we realised we all got along like a house on fire. And this was just talking! As cliche as it sounds, I didn't really notice anyone else in the room that night - we were just so enthralled with this beautiful couple and the amazing connection we were making. Fast forward an hour or so, and we decided to head up to a play room. And what happened from there was a sensual merging of bodies. Even now I can only describe it as me and her just melting into each other. Our partners were standing to the side, just watching in awe. I'd been with woman before, but this was just amazing. Eventually the guys joined in and everything just flowed so naturally. Hands, mouths and body parts everywhere.
Communication was so easy and everyone had a great time. Apparently we'd had quite the audience through the night too, which I was oblivious to! After several breaks and changing rooms, one of which included us ladies taking turns on the sybian, we eventually ran out of energy. When we looked at the time, it was after 1am. After a bit more conversation, we packed up our things and left. Needless to say, we kept in touch and had another amazing night with this couple. Thanks CCK, for making this night possible! Xx

Firstly, Thank you Carl, Chloe and staff for such an opportunity for my wife and I!
We came to the club (we call it “The Club” as we go to no other clubs in Auckland anymore) again after a delayed stint over summer. And boy, do we remember why we used to go.
We walked in and got chatting to some people that seemed nervous as we were, but decided to make them more comfortable, as we chatted, we watched other groups undress, and make out on the couches, this got all our blood and juices flowing also.
We decided to take a walk around the venue, and watched others getting it on all around us, so we decided to have a play in the grope tent to start with. This didn’t take long for wandering hands start playing with our “bits and pieces”. After getting close to cumming, we stopped to go on the beds and join next to another 3some that was happening, watching this happen and feeling the erotic tension and heavy breathing next to us, I couldn’t last long while my wife finished me off in her mouth. This was the most memorising experiences I have had in the club.
But then it was her turn, as I go down on her, she has another sunning woman approach her. She starts creasing her boobs and kissing her neck as I please her down below, till her toes curl, and she squeezes her inner thighs tight around my head as she moans deeply and abruptly sits up to an orgasm, she struggles to contain…….
We spent the rest of the evening watching others, and chatting to couples about their experiences, while we fondled and played together in front of them, such an amazing experience, and feel the world of marriage and relationships would be so much of a better place if everyone was so open and honest with each other and explored the world of sex with other likeminded people and couples.
Thanks for letting me share our experience with you!
Regards K and R

Hey there chloe and carl me and a really good friend of mine had out first experience at CCK in early December 2023 we were both excited and eager beavers to explore the wonderful environment CCK had to offer us the lovely Chloe gave us a tour on our first night at CCK we watched on with curiosity and lustful anticipation and not to mention all the hot dressed women and men there she made us feel so comfortable and safe our first party was a CCBBW which we both absolutely loved after we got over our nerves we joined in and played with women hehe especially since iv been exploring more of my bisexual side all I can say is we thoroughly enjoyed our first night at CCK and have attended a few more since and look forward to coming to many more in future
Thank you both for being awesome hosts and providing a happy fun and sexy playground
Kaz and hucks xx

Wow what a night!! It was our anniversary so we decided last minute to come to the club on a Friday as we have always gone on Saturdays. It started off slow but as the night went on we found ourselves getting close 2 two other couples. Then we were in the play rooms with them where the wife was getting swapped out and taking turns with the other husbands/partners which she enjoyed so much that she couldn't stop talking about it over the next cpl days. Definitely unexpected as we have been fairly tame on other occasions but now cannot wait for the next visit.
Awesome vibe and much thanks 2 the staff and owners on the evening you provide for all.
Regards PnC

Hi Chloe & Carl,
I’m writing in to let you guys know what a great time we had last time we visited CCK.
My husband and I have been visiting CCK since 2021, and always have a lot of fun.
We often stay for a few hours, and make sure we make the most of those few hours we have !
I love the feeling of being able to get all dressed up, and have a nice cold glass of bubbles (my fav) and enjoying some good chat with some of my favourite regulars, and often meet some new people as well.
Last time was no exception!
During our last visit (which was one of the wicked Wednesday nights in December), we both had our share of fun and naughtiness.
A few drinks at the bar, chatting, then up the stairs to one of the beds.
I had a fantastic time getting shown a very good time on that bed 😉🥳!!!, while my husband watched on with pleasure. It’s our favourite thing to do, I play, and he watches.
We are very much looking forward to our next time at CCK as always.
Bring on 2024!!
Thanks again,
K & P

Wow what a night!! It was our anniversary so we decided last minute to come to the club on a Friday as we have always gone on Saturdays. It started off slow but as the night went on we found ourselves getting close 2 two other couples. Then we were in the play rooms with them where the wife was getting swapped out and taking turns with the other husbands/partners which she enjoyed so much that she couldn't stop talking about it over the next cpl days. Definitely unexpected as we have been fairly tame on other occasions but now cannot wait for the next visit.
Awesome vibe and much thanks 2 the staff and owners on the evening you provide for all.

It was the best of times, and it was the whore-st of times.
My partner and I have been waiting in bated breath for CCK's famous NY after-party, and safe to say: there were FIREWORKS. I wore a see-through dress and my very best harness, daring (begging?) anyone to peek at my breasts and see my aroused nipples. My man wore a crisp button-down shirt and nice slacks but it didn't matter since I ripped it off him and pushed him into the grope tent for some quick sloppy blowjob fun.
We caught the attention of a bombshell woman who, after an intense make out session with both of us, licked and sucked my clit so good that I came almost immediately and then kept licking.
|We made sure to return the favour later in the evening, with my husband making our new friend cum while riding his face. I watched intently - well, as intently as I could - while her partner finger-fucked me until I couldn't help but take his big cock in my mouth in return.
All in all, it was an exciting night to fulfil a few fantasies. With Lust, J and E
P.S. Thanks for the RedHotPie sweatshirt! It's very cosy 😉

Hi Carl and Chloe
This was our second trip to CCK and we couldn’t work out if we were more nervous or less. We knew a little more about how it worked but we weren’t sure how it would go. Last time we only stripped down to our underwear. This time we wanted more. When we arrived, we sat and talked to more couples and felt much more comfortable and at ease. We fooled around with each other at the beginning with some other couples watching. Pretty soon we were completely naked (box ticked!). I found the wall around the corner and tied my partner up and offered another 2 couples to join in. One gentleman made her cum with his fingers and then they took turns having sex with her. At least one of them finished, she got a lot of compliments. Pretty soon we were on the beds and it was just all go. We are hoping to come back soon (it’s a long way to travel so very expensive) and tick a few more boxes when we can afford to. Thanks for having us – again!

We are an American couple who comes to New Zealand every year for three months. We visited CCK last year when we were here on “hot wife“ Sunday event. We’ve been to five or six swinger clubs in the USA and yours is far as superior. The greeting by staff was friendly with a nice tour of the whole place, the music is at a reasonable volume so you can actually have a conversation with somebody, there’s just a more friendly atmosphere, instead of BYOB, which is a hassle there is a bar that serves quality drinks and the only downside is that you’re not larger able to handle more people for an event. In any case, Randi had the experience of a lifetime. Let’s just put it the way it is. She’s always wanted a DP and always when an attempt was made in the past one guy or the other failed if you know what I mean. This time both guys with the girlfriend of one helping provide fluffing in a spirit of generosity provided that hot experience full on. She was ecstatic with several great orgasms. Being totally into Compersion Jack was a willing accomplice and voyeur.
So we are back here in New Zealand from the USA through the end of February and looking forward to visiting your hot friendly club again. J and R

We had such an incredible night at skirts extra last week. So much so we were checking when the next ladies night was on the way home so we’ve booked for the upcoming skirts. The vibes of the night are always great and we always leave feeling like we’ve absolutely enjoyed ourselves. Such a fun and sexy way to spend your evening. Did miss the incredible brownies we got last time they were absolutely amazing and I don’t even normally like brownies but I was absolutely starving after getting busy for a good couple of hours and they tasted like heaven.

Well, what to say... We had our second time at the club on Saturday night, and after being a bit timid and shy our first visit, we had decided that we were going to be bold and get into the 'swing' of things early on.
Well, we're really glad we did! So much fun had, from the moment Mrs walked out on her lingerie, she was being flattered left, right and centre! We had amazing encounters with a few different sexy couples, and even a very hot experience with another couple helping me get Mrs over the line while she was hitched up on the swing! Fair to say, we're kinda hooked now! (Already booked our next night!) See you again really soon! Mr & Mrs P & A

We're a long term married couple, 'G&R' and in the last few years we decided to 'spice things up a little' and were introduced to the wonderful CCK by friends. We felt very welcomed by Carl and lovely Chloe.
This is about our second ever visit. On our first visit we just watched and played with each other in close proximity to some very hot action. On this visit we walked into the carpark and decided to just go with the flow and see what happens!. We were sitting at the bar and were approached by a gorgeous couple we'll call J & J. They were pretty experienced and J started to successfully chat up G and soon had us both heading upstairs for a little fun. Both ladies were soon laying on their backs with their heads next to each other. I'm having a lovely time with J and I hear her talk to G and say the words "He's big isn't he?" I've never had complaints but I knew she wasn't talking about me! So I look over to G and her eyes are as wide as saucers and she's making delicious grunting noises. What had happened is that J had started to lose it a bit after already finishing a litle earlier so he's tagged his mate 'A' who happily took his place so here's my wife G wide- eyed looking at this muscled young guy having a wonderful time in her and from the sounds G is making she's having a great time herself. Soon she manages to get him to finish in her and as he moves away I whisper to her " How hot was that having 2 guys one after the other?" She tells me "I want to try again" We haven't quite managed that yet but we'll keep cumming back to try again! Thank you, J&J and A. Regards, G&R

Hello Chloe and Carl,
We absolutely enjoy every time we get the chance to visit CCK.
It is a fantastic spot for both of us to let go our inhibitions and have an absolute fantastic time.
As a couple she is very adventurous and loves to entertain and play with others. As her partner I absolutely adore watching her have a fantastic naughty time and for all her fantasies to be fulfilled. We often go on Wednesdays when we can and the mix of the relaxed fun venue and all the sexy and horny couples and single guys is a perfect mix for us to have an amazing night.
A recent highlight though would have to be the Hot wife's event on Sunday. We came in not having been at the club for six months and instantly felt welcomed and relaxed, we chatted with others and within no time started to have lots of naughty fun. She was there to once again enjoy the fun of the swing and having more than one guy play with. Lots of willing participants as always and she had an amazing time (so did I), and we managed to play in every room and the swing.
CCK of course and as always provided us with all we needed to have an absolutely fantastic dirty fun time and thank you to all the single guys and couples and of course Chloe and Carl for hosting, always a blast.
We can't wait to be back again before the end of the year on a Wednesday and also trying to make all of the hot wives events next year.

Hi CCK team
There’s lots of negative connotations about why a 'third wheel' is not welcome in a romantic setting, but obviously that doesn’t apply to CCK. Staying with our wheel analogy (for anonymity sake), last visit Mr Front Left, and me Mrs Front Right managed to fall upon Ms Spare who wanted some company for her first ever CCK visit.
I think we took her on some unexpected terrain, with me going down on Ms Spare’s delightful juicy bits -inside and outside - while Front Left took me from behind. After a good warm up, Ms Spares’ juicy bits then became very well acquainted to Front Lefts delicious penis with a good bit of hard thrusting and pounding, while I made sure Ms Spares air bags were softly attended to.
*Much like when you’re attending to a flat tyre on the side of the road, we had an attentive audience who stopped and added encouragement that we were all on the right track, which beautifully catered to our exhibitionist streak. A delightful and fun night had by all, and Ms Spare has now had (we hope) the perfect intro into the naughtiest club In Auckland.
Thanks guys! xx L and M

Dear Carl and team,
What a night! We made our debut during one of the YNZS parties and it was a blast! We’ve been on the fence for a bit about coming to your lovely establishment and we finally decided to take the plunge after hearing great things online and from friends.
We felt immediately comfortable after your kind greeting and started chatting with other couples right away. It was a great move on your part to encourage people to switch seats which got people moving and quickly the vibes transformed. The bar area got emptier and the play areas started to see some action.
A bit shy still, we walked around a bit and enjoyed the view, until we finally let loose, first among ourselves and later inviting some other friends into the mix.
All in all, it was a huge success, and we will definitely be seeing you soon!
Love! F&T

Well, we are definitely coming back again!
Firstly, thank you carl and the team, what a great night my wife and I had!
The set up was amazing, loved the fact you walk in and mingle first, it's all slowly unravels as you wonder deeper!
We arrived early on a Friday night, and everyone was super friendly and chatty, we got chatting to another couple, and then suddenly they were on top of us, my wife grabbed my hands to fondle the wife of another mans, and his on my wife's, They ladies and us gents had such a wonderful time , and there was definitely proof 😲
They offered us to join them afterwards, but we gratefully declined, and departed our ways.
It was such a thrill for both of us, as we ponder on how many more nights we could have that mixes up our bedroom life! Thanks again for the opportunity to have such an experience,
Cheers F and S

Hi here is me and my girl who visited on a Wednesday we have visited before but only played with ourselves. She was curious to know how is it to have a threesome with another man. One Wednesday I decided let's see. We arrived around 9 and a nice lady talked to us she recommended a few nice men that were around and she said she had been with them. She was keen and offered to have fun with us. We then went to the bdms part and played in the swing and a few men arrived and we watched how she was taken. I saw one of the men look handsome and I asked my girl if she wanted him to join. He jumped and had fun with her, next I saw her just getting into it gagging and making the most of it. She loved the experience and we keep fantasising of the next time. We have been looking forward to visit cck and have another thrilling experience of hot and spicy time.

Well it’s never a night that you struggle to remember at CCK, and our last visit was no different, but for slightly unsexy reasons. For the sake of our ego’s we’ll call ourselves Bouncy, and Zippy.
After some lovely intro’s with new people in the bar area, and after surveying the stunning people around us, Zippy decided I was looking extra lovely, and invited me to a lap dance with what ended up as a front facing, fully astride lap dance with penetration. You know the kind?
While I had a thin piece of fabric to pull aside due to wearing sweet fanny adams under my dress, Zippy had to negotiate a zip in his pants. I bumped and grinded my way vigorously to a stunningly pleasurable state, but it wasn’t until much later that I happened to get up close and personal to my mans glorious cock, and saw a small area that resembled chaffing. I ask him what had happened, and he admitted the exuberant beginning to our evening had started with him simply pulling down his zip and rubbing exquisitely sensitive flesh against a metal zipper, when in hindsight, he should have removed the whole ensemble.
I guess he hadn’t bargained on my enthusiasm, so endured a little discomfort for my pleasure. (What a beautiful human he is). I won’t even bother to try and do a PSA. This was a rookie error. I’m pleased to say it was only a brief recovery, and we were back on the horse. Thanks again CCK, for allowing us to have sex in a bar with no one even remotely offended. We loved it.
B & Z

Hi We have visited CCK a "few" times 😉😉
On one of our adventures in the club, we meet a lovely couple at the bar, and ventured to the play area. We all played and were having a great time. I was laying on my back as I laid under the willing lady as she gently placed herself over my waiting tongue and fingers. I started to receive a nice blow job, from my wife (or so I thought) and satisfying the other lady, I looked up and discovered it wasn't my wife giving me oral, it was another lady, so I did what any gentleman would do and returned the favor to her, while my wife watch. We then went our separate ways, and the wife and me went on to the swing for some swinging fun, before ending out nite out in the orgy room. Needless to say it was as always a pleasure and enjoyable evening and just gets us worked up for more fun when we get back to our hotel.

First ever visit to CCK
Frankie and Jack were looking to take their swinging to the next level . The next big step was to visit a local swingers club in the city. God knows how crazy hot that might actually be!
Nervous as fuck but as excited as hell. Frankie was scared, thrilled and excited all in the same emotion. They did agree that going with another couple would help take some the apprehension and nervousness out of this first visit. The excited foursome enjoyed and beautiful dinner down in the viaduct precinct. Lashings of bubbles to help keep the nerves at bay. Both the girls looked stunning. Totally dressed to impress.
As the Uber drove inside the gates, Frankies nerves starting to freak out. This was so far outside her comfort zone. Walking up to the red front door and pressing the buzzer was about as much as the girls could take. They received and quick tour of the club and its facilities. Eyes wide open they nervously took in the various spaces and erotic play that was already firing up.
The atmosphere was super charged sexy.
Frankie loved the concept of the grope tent.With the tour over It was time to grab a bottle of bubbles and take all of this wonderful wonderland of sexiness in.
Jack and Charlotte decided to go for a bit of an explore. These two were a little more adventurous and not so nervous. The swing at the end of the whips corridor was extremely exciting!
Her hands were cuffed to the chains and her legs to the stirrups. She was smoking fucking hot. Naked, bound and surrounded by five horny guys. Charlotte cuddled into Jack for a better view of this sexy bound lady. One by one the guys fed there cocks into her till they came. Mesmerized they could only watch this live sexy show play out. Charlotte thought she felt Jacks cock pushing into her back.
Charlotte dropped down to her knees and engulfing Jacks cock till her eyes watered. Two of the boys from the swing had positioned their hard-ones within reach of Charlotte.. All she had to do was reach out and drag them closer. No pressure just the offer of hard cock. Slowly charlotte snaked her hands around each waiting cock.
Jack wondered if his wife Frankie had also decided to explore around the club. Wandering back up the dark corridor, Jack spotted Frankie’s long legs hanging off the end of one of the beds. What the fuck ! She had ditched her black dress and was currently lounging back in her stockings and lingerie. Only question Jack had was who the fuck was the naked lad lying next to her? And why was his cock in Frankie’s hand?
“What the fuck happened here “ was all Jack could say as he lay down next to Frankie.
“Well, while you guys were down by the swing I decided to stick my arm in to the grope tent and see what was on offer. I was having a good feel around when I came across a nice hard cock that needed a wank. All I did was my usual expert hand job and left it at that, or at least that’s what I thought was the end of it. To my surprise, the cock I had just been wanking, appeared directly in front of me looking for a more action. One thing lead to another, my dress was removed and I was gently pushed onto the bed.
Frankie seamed to be very excited to be caught red handed.
The stranger was not going anywhere. His cock was still rock hard. They were whispering to each other. Frankie rolled her head towards Jack and whispered “He’s asked if I will give him a blow job? What do you think hun! Would you like to watch me suck him off?”
Frankie rolled onto her knees and slipped her mouth down the length of this new cock.
“Well that was very fucking hot!!! “ Frankie softly moaned. “So glad you got your nervousness under control” Jack chimed in.
Time for another round of drinks and a catch up on what Charlotte really got up to down by the swing. The drinks break was filled with all the sexy banter and chat about their action. Everyone wanted to keep playing so they decided to pair off again and go explore this sexy wonderland some There was absolutely no way this was going to be Frankie and Jacks only visit to CCK
F & J

Best night Ever!
I have to tell my story, as I had no idea or felt the way I did once my Girlfriend and I went well past both our expectations and how comfortable and relaxed with each other, and others!
We entered a Thursday Special Event night for the 3rd time at the club. Couples were pouring in at one point (Can see why it’s important to book) and as they came in, the clothes were just as quickly coming off!
After a few Drinks, and general chat to other couples, we decided to join the others and strip down to our underwear. We walked around, watching others going for it, and others relaxing and playing around on the beds, swing, and X they had. Also jumped in the Group Tent.
After playing around for abit together, I returned to the bathroom with my Girlfriend with a new friend joining her getting intimate, I sat back to watch for abit until I was strongly encouraged over to join in the passionate kissing, up and down the neck, as they both pulled each other’s tops down. Exposing their breasts, we all engaged in kissing, sucking and as we lowered ourselves down each other, After a dream fantasy of watching both woman enjoying my ever-so eager rod, I took a mental shot and we then decided on moving to the bed. My partner laid down, and I took to one breast, and another guy came and asked to join in on the other exposed one. So 2 guys sucking on your nipples as our new girlfriend went down on my partner. (Damn, better stop there to get this letter published)
After about of hour of engaging of sexual fantasies and desires, we noticed it getting quieter into the night, we then catch the eye of a cute couple that were secretly watching us………….
(And that’s another whole letter!)
What I wanted to say was we had never “Swung” in the sense of swapping, but as we let ourselves be open, respectful and thoughtful to our partners, we had no problem sharing each other with our new friends. We stayed in communication together and enjoyed watching each other get pleasured to the maximum that we could have.
Hats (and our clothes) off to Carl, Chloe and Team for such memorising night, and we will be visiting soon!
K & R

WOW! How does one even put into words of such experience.
After months of my wife and I talking about (just going to see) CCK, we finally decided to take the plunge, full of nerves and Initially both VERY hesitant as we didn’t know what to expect, not to mention completely new to us and outside of our comfort zone. The day had arrived and the anxiety levels were through the roof, however as soon as we arrived we were instantly put at ease by Carl and Chloe and felt warm, welcome and most importantly comfortable.
After our tour of the beautiful club, we got a drink and started to mix and mingle with other couples that had arrived. It was such an incredible/mature experience talking to other couples who had either been doing it for years, or others whose first time it was also like us there too see what it was all about and where they fall into this lifestyle.
The nerves were a distant memory and both of us felt empowered with confidence which was an amazing feeling for both of us on its own and the best was yet to cum ;) the night flowed and the vibes were hot, we both had an amazing experience on so many levels and well the wife...... having only been with 1 female prior to CCK after a few wines she really did live her best life! So much so, that another couple continued on to our hotel after we left the club, where the girl on girl interaction continued into early hours of the morning.
Throughout the whole experience everyone was so lovely and respectful of everyone’s boundaries, something we were very wary of leading up to us attending but wasn't even a thought in the slightest once we arrived. The connection and communication between us both since has been the best it ever has and because of this we will definitely be back.
We cannot recommend CCK enough to others.K & S

My partner and I are from out of town. She’s in her late 20s and I’m on my mid-30s. Between us we have 4 kids and we both work. Previously we spent about a decade each in toxic relationships where we were made to feel worthless and under confident. We’ve been together for about 2 years and have been ticking off things with the intention to discover ourselves and rebuild that confidence. CCK was a massive thing for us, something both of us very nearly pulled out of last minute. We’d had massive discussions about boundaries and what we wanted to get out of it. We have extremely good communication between the 2 of us. When we arrived we were made to feel very comfortable and welcome from the owners. We got showed around, half of the toys and setups I’ve never even seen before. My eyes were like dinner plates. I punched a few beers for some courage and before long we were chatting to other, equally nervous couples. For a guy who isn’t even comfortable taking his shirt off in the pool I soon found myself pant less and getting involved. We are absolutely coming back with even more boxes to tick. Our sex life has never been better (it was great before but there’s just something different now). Next time we will grow on what we learnt last time. We both want to be as confident as the regulars we saw. Thank you CCK!

Dear Chloe and Carl,
We came along to an event at the weekend. We were both excited to play at the club again, and had been talking about it with each other for days beforehand. The juices were certainly flowing that morning when we woke up, and we were sure that our evening at the club would reach another level again! We've been a few times now, feeling more comfortable each time - this was going to be the highlight of our weekend.
Then the unthinkable happened. We were greeted kindly, passed the 'hotness test' with Carl'sthermometer, and in we went. Straight away it caught my eye. I saw it coming towards me... Key number THIRTEEN! How could this be, I thought to myself?! Now I'm not a superstitious kind of person, I avoid the number though, mostly just for a laugh, I tell myself...
What happened next may have changed my life, forever. We were told that this key was the luckiest one in the club. "Yeah right" I thought to myself. In the spirit of being adventurous we decided to give this a go. Carl did give us the option to have a different number, but today was not that day. As it turns out we had a fantastic time with plenty of pussy and cock being sampled! Catching up with old friends, and making new ones were equally great.
Next time I'm adjusting the volume in the car maybe I will stop on number thirteen for a change - at least I'll be reminded of that very sexy visit to the club. See you soon xx Lucky13

Good afternoon Carl and Chloe
So it's been a wee while since we have graced your premises. But needless to say it was another great night. Lots of people from overseas who had heard about the club who wanted to cum and see what the place was about. We had a great time getting to know them and also what the clubs in their countries were like.
Although we didn't stay long and were unable to play due a recent surgery, it was still great to get out, meet new people, meet people we have talked to online before and just generally get out and have a good time.
The club never disappoints, and we can't wait to come back and get into some action when we are fully healed. Thanks again for both of your amazing hospitality, S&D

Hi Chloe & Carl
My husband and I have always enjoyed reading the stories in your weekly newsletter as it helped paint a picture of what it would be like to attend an event at your club.
From attending the Hot wives' event on Sunday night it’s so exciting to finally be able to share our experience as first timers (not only to hotwifing but also at your club).
We were greeted with a warm welcome which helped put us at ease because in all honesty, we were feeling very nervous in the uber ride there.
We were shown around all the rooms and the naughty play areas. The décor was beautiful, the lighting was very flattering and just right and it definitely set a vibe. The place was clean with ample amounts of fresh towels in the changing room/locker area which was a nice touch - as everyone could come in and get freshened up and made for a very comfortable experience. After getting some drinks at the bar my husband and I sat in the lounge area to read the room sort of speak and to see if we were able to connect with anyone. By this time, our nerves had eased completely although we could feel that some of the single guys seemed like they wanted to talk to me but, most of them didn’t end up coming through for a chat – except for one guy who finally found the confidence to introduce himself. We ended up having a great time conversating and one thing led to another, and I found myself giving him AND my husband oral pleasure right there in the lounge area! According to my husband quite a few people watched and another couple was so turned on watching us that she had to give her husband oral pleasure too!
The grope tent was fun and sensual then turned even sexier when my husband peeked through the gap of the tent to see me get touched by many hands!
We wrapped up our night by me having some fun with someone else's wife and gave all our husband's something very memorable to see. For newbies we felt comfortable very quickly and were able to let our inhibitions go and get carried away with whatever sexy things we felt like so much so that, we and another couple were the last ones there till closing time! Thank you Carl, Chloe and the team for a night to be remembered and for being such great hosts.
My husband and I both had a cheeky smirk going back to work on Monday which made the work week a lot easier to get through 😁 We would love to visit your club again soon!
Zac & Miri xx

Hi Chloe and Carl! My partner and I were first timers. He was a bit unsure about the whole thing but he came along as he knew it was something I really wanted to do.
In short, we had the BEST time. We had no expectations going in but it was better than we could have imagined. We knew we'd at least drink, mingle, observe and play around with each other, but we also wondered how we'd fill the five hours. We figured we wouldn't stay that long. Which is funny, because we ended up being the last ones there.
The first 3 or so hours we mostly observed, but then by the end we'd had a threesome in the grope tent and a fivesome on the bed. I kissed a few women and two of them went down on me - something I thought I'd never have the confidence to let happen. Like most, I have insecurities, so to feel desired (outside of my relationship) was so liberating and a nice, gentle reminder that how you see yourself is not always how others see you. The safe, supportive environment and the fact that we were all there for the same reason(s) helped me to adopt a different mindset and just let go. It's a different world in there. A lot of what I did inside the club, I don't think I'd do outside of it.
Everyone was so accommodating and gentle and my partner especially appreciated chatting with Carl (the owner) who provided great advice to support a relaxed introduction to the club.
We were/are on a high from the whole experience and we've been talking about all the things we'd like to do next time. We can't wait to come again ;) Thanks team!

Hello! I am a regular CCK attendee and that is since it is sooooooo good. As a bisexual woman it is my dream come true!! I have attended as a M/F couple, as a F/F couple and as a single female. These variations provided a different experience each time. They are all wonderful, clean, safe and hot as f*ck!!
The people I have met are amazing, friendly and super sexy! I have even played with some of them outside of CCK which is always a plus.
The beauty of it is you can do as much or as little as you wish, consent is always key and is respected. Other attendees do their best to make you feel comfortable. Some of the highlights of my experiences are:
-having a cuddle session at the end of the night with 9 people on the single bed
-getting squirted on by a girl riding her guy while I was sitting on his face
-having a train of 5 people: the guy in the front was getting his cock sucked by the sexy woman sitting on my face, while I was getting pounded from behind by a handsome lad who was also eating another sexy ladies pussy
As someone who loves group play, CCK is truly a treat in Auckland. Thank you, M

Hi there my name is Jane. Well all we can say is WOW. Although it wasn't mine and Ian's 1st visit to a club it has to be said it was our best. We are always a bit hesitant going anywhere new but we needn't have worried. On arrival we were met at the door and shown all around your lovely venue. Settling down at the bar Ian and I were made to feel so welcome with everyone being super friendly. One couple in particular made a huge effort to put us at ease and it wasn't to long before Laura and Matt led us to the room beside the bar Laura had taken a shine to Ian and Matt was making all the right moves with me, taking me in his arms and kissing me so deeply that i was putty in his hands. His hands and mouth ran all across my body and when i opened my eyes i could see Laura taking care of Ian. The smile on his face was a sight to behold which just made my experience even hotter. The night flew by and although others came and went in the room and on the bed, we never felt out of our depth. Anyway, the evening went by in a blur and finally the night had to come to an end. So if anyone is thinking about going to CCK but is having doubts then we can assure then there is nothing to worry about as everyone was so outgoing, we were never under any pressure from anyone to do anything that we didn't want to. See you again real soon, J and I

Carl and Chloe, Chemistry! It was never a strong point for me at school tbh, to many boring investigations into various substances, their properties and how they reacted to one another. Well I recently had an experience that changed the meaning of the word. We come to the club reasonably often - its always a sure thing shall we say, with loads of interesting sexy people up for some fun times. I mostly find a good attraction to a gentlemen (or lady), pleasant and sexy and that is perfectly fine; we are not their looking for a life partner! (Well at least we are not - happily married 20 yrs).

Now this particular night I found the exception. I clocked him, averagely good looking, ticked many boxes from afar. But when I actually met him - wow! Within a few seconds you could feel the energy. Maybe it was his pheromones (god did he make me moan later!) but this was undeniable sexual chemistry. We went on (with the blessings of our other halves) to have some pretty hot sex. So maybe, after all of these years I can finally understand the science behind the word, or if not understand, have felt it.

We will be back.


Hey Carl & the CCK team. My husband and I traveled from out of town to attend as first timers on Saturday and WOW. We didn't really know what to expect and what we'd end up doing... but I will tell you that we ended up doing it all, and it was the most erotic and wild night that we will remember for a long time. We arrived just before 9pm and was shown around, and then we were left on our own to grab drinks, explore and delve a little deeper into the sexy surroundings. The music was perfect, the lights were low, and the vibe was amping up as more people arrived. We immediately sparked a conversation with a super friendly couple who were seasoned CCK visitors and they happily shared their past experiences with us and put us at ease. It was after this conversation that we felt comfortable enough to head into the locker room and get into our undergarments. I wore a very sultry lingerie set, while my husband stripped down to his underwear and we both felt sexy and confident. There were all sorts of patrons, and certainly no shortage of beautiful bodies to admire and get the blood pumping.

I don't like to kiss and tell too much... But I will say that we had fun with other couples, single ladies, we put on a show for many onlookers, as well as sat back and watched all the action happen while touching and kissing and grinding on one another. It was hot!!!! The swing and wand were a highlight, and I may have made a mess of the floor underneath it. My moans and screams drew a lot of attention there too and I loved every second of my performance.

We ticked many things off our sexual fantasy bucket list and we can't wait to visit again.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

S&C xx

Huge thank you to the whole CCK team! Last Saturday I brought my partner along for his first taste of an adult club and he is OBSESSED! We didn't feel any pressure and everyone was so friendly. A couple of regulars made us feel right at home with some fun stories and general chat whilst we had a delish drink to loosen us up a bit... We made our way to the St. Andrew's cross first of all and had a lot of fun playing with the different paddles and floggers. After warming up (quite literally!), we headed to the beds and I went down on my man. A couple of women in the grope tent poked their heads out the holes to watch and we all had a big laugh. I loved seeing people having so much fun, it definitely is a playground for adults! Next, I climbed on top of my partner to continue the show...after a while we needed a break so sat to watch some other people enjoying their experience. It was incredibly sexy and eye opening!

We then ended up on another bed and had some of the best sex we've had in a while, the feeling of being watched is just amazing and I'm so glad my partner loved it too. We havent been able to keep our hands off each other since we got home...

We'll definitely be back, I don't feel like I want to go to a regular

Dear carl and Chloe

We just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for being so hospitable and allowing us to change our date night from Wednesday to Friday. The evening was full of frivolity and fun. As usual your friendly greeting made us feel at ease and we quickly settled in with a glass of champagne. The atmosphere was erotic and left us feeling as though all our fantasies were met. As it was only our second visit to CKK we had no big expectations. However, this was quickly remedied and we had a very satisfying experience.

Thank you and we look forward to our next encounter at your club.

Braving the storm to come down to the CCBW party was well worth the exciting and wet drive. Being an extra curvy lady I generally am very confident in myself but coming to an event where you know curvy is on everyone’s menu unlocked a whole new level of confidence. There’s nothing I love more than putting on a show for my hubby and the feedback I’ve received is he was not disappointed!

Such a great mix of friendly, sexy, horny people. We will be back for the next CCBW and I can not wait.

Dear CKK,

I wanted to share the amazing time I had visiting with my boyfriend to CKK. It was his first time swinging but the staff and regulars were very welcoming and soon we were chatting with so many nice young couples. We headed to the glory hole tent and found the anonymous touching so intense, it pumped us up to go onto the main game, we asked to join a lovely couple on one of the beds, and we pleasured and licked the woman all over while her husband took her in missionary position. I couldn't contain my excitement and my partner took me doggy next to them. we feel confident enough to swap next time! will be back soon.

x -H and H

Hi there

We have been a frequent flyer and advocate for this exotic, playful and sexy bar. We live out of town and planning is often needed. Our favourite to date is over 45s night, where most sexy people know what they want and get dressed down and dirty relatively quickly. The energy is next level and exhibitions are put aside to make it a fun night. The Mrs has had a coming good time on these nights. We look forward to the next one we can attend and encourage the more mature GILF, MILF and DILF come and relax with other like minded naughty peeps.. bring on the swing.

Thanks Chloe and Carl for the amazing experiences.

The Naughty Duo.

Dear Team at Ckk

My partner and I had the privilege of returning to your bar few weeks back, We decided to try it out again, as we don’t get out much, and boy were we glad! We came in and was greeted by Carl, one of the friendliest people we have meet.

Once shown around briefly, my partner was quick to whip off layer of clothing of hers and mine, suddenly we are in our underwear making chit chat to strangers. Was 20 min in, and I feel a hand down my boxers, as my partner starts feeling me up, and as I nervously smile, she drops to her knees, and pleases me in the bar with others, it was so erotic and hot, I didn’t take long to notice this was happening all over the place, we made our way upstairs and found the cross in the hall, she smiles and lets me tie her up on it, exposing her little ass as she allows myself and others smack her ass with the variety of whips n paddles they have!

For the 2nd time of “Finishing “ myself, we chatted away to some more people, and then walked around watching others going for it, making us “excited” yet again, but made our way to the locker room, to have my mind refreshed about the shower in there, cleaned up, showered, and then we headed home, already for a Friday morning for work (Did I mention this was a Thursday night!!!!)

What a great place and experience thank you guys for the best spot in Auckland!

Regards Ted and Smurf

Hi As a unicorn who has recently discovered this way of life, I have found CCK to not only be my introduction to this life, but it has been my place to learn and where I feel safe.

I feel safe not only to be myself sexually but the two of you has been wonderful since day one. Always making sure that no male is too pushy or bothering me when i rejected them, making sure nobody pressure me into something i dont want to do and making sure i am always put into a cab home with a gentleman's touch. Chivalry is certainly not dead.

Please keep up the good work and making sure everyone has a place to go to, to be themselves.

Ms B...I changed names a few times. Lol

Hi CCK team, Mrs Tickle and Mr Throb here.

So, Mr Throb and I only discovered the delights of the swingers world a year and a half ago, and having had a grand total of five sexual partners between the two of us in our lifetime - all before our 22 years of happy marriage, we launched ourselves at the world of swinging like we were trying to win a science competition. We flagged the control samples as they seemed a bit vanilla to us, and just chucked ourselves into the anecdotal evidence area. After all, we were aiming for an A+, not some sad ass C. After popping our cherries by getting shagged by anyone that would have us after about visit three to CCK, we decided to just keep pushing our own boundaries about what works for us, and what doesn’t. Over the last year and a half, we have leapt into things with vigour, our boundaries rapidly disappearing, and finally found the ultimate culmination of our now insatiable desires, in the Pendulum night.

Throb had a small trial at bi before, in an intimate setting, but he knew with the right time, place and circumstances, he was likely to get as greedy as they come. Me? Well I’m about as accomplished at pussy pleasuring as I am at knitting. I love to give it a go, I can deliver a product of sorts but will likely drop some stitches along the way. Basically, I’m no expert. We met the couple when we first walked in. They were nervous, but equally as curious as us. Lubricated by the most delightful Chloe Espresso Martini (x2), we headed up to the play area and began having fun with our new friends. Throb had spent the last half hour also guzzling delightful drinks and admiring the beautiful sights and sounds, so he was up into me like a horny teenager. Doggy style? Yes please. I love a wand, so I primed it up (chucked a condom on it and turned it on), pushed it against my clitoris and then began the beautiful situation of getting nailed from behind by an incredibly hard cock, while kissing the soft, sensuous mouth of a woman in front. Our new friends had joined us, shyly at first, but as time went on, the kissing got more intense. Throb had a ring side seat of me and my new girlfriend, as well as her man, who was into her in the missionary position.

Then I got to experience my most favourite thing in the world. A mind blowing orgasm that had me swearing like a sailor. I’ve NEVER had an orgasm in CCK! Whether it was the ladies beautiful soft lips, Mr Throb hitting my rib cage with his fabulous hard cock, her man making eye contact with my husband over my head, or the completely relaxed state I found myself in whilst aiming for that A + pass, a loud, gorgeous orgasm that had my vagina weeping like a mother-in-law at her favourite sons wedding flew out of me. I’m a gusher more than a squirter (only recently discovered), so I convulsed for a while while Throb’s gorgeous cock pushed into me for a while longer. The ladies face fell away as she too received her own beautiful climax of epic proportions from her man. FYI, it’s hard to kiss sensually as you climax hence the face falling away thing.I feel a teensy bit mean that Throb didn’t get the same satisfaction as I had the night, but then there’s aways the next isn’t there?

PS. A+ achieved (self marked due to Covid testing conditions) xx

Tickle and Throb

Hi guys,

My partner and me were at the under 35s on Sunday and had an amazing time.It was our second time together and the vibes were so different to the first under 35s we went to which surprised us, the first time was fun but this time we definitely put ourselves out there a bit more since we were a little more relaxed. We had a lot of laughs and some chill conversations with some amazing people. We met an incredibly sexy couple and had some fun all together and swapping.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the CCK team for making the fun possible and for always maintaining a high standard. We love it, and call it our ‘date night’. We’ll definitely be back again and again.


Hi Carl,

Last week was our second time at CCK. Our first visit was awesome so I was really excited about the second. I just loved the class and style of the place: intimate, sophisticated and oh so friendly! Anyway, my partner is a hunk and of course attracts all the attention. I accept this. After time at the cool bar he was off 'exploring' and pretty soon he was into the action while I 'hovered'. No probs. Again, I'm okay with that. Then, out of the shadows comes a voluptuous women that I'm going to call 'big breasts', because they were! No intros, just a warm embrace and a promising kiss right on the lips. Turns out that 'big breasts' is the partner of a guy who's in the foursome with my man. She didn't want to play 2nd violin. She took me by the hand, helped me into the swing and proceeded to demonstrate just how fabulously well woman understand the magic button. I came within 3 minutes.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before the boy's returned home. Big breast's guy was Mr Action man and he decided he had to lay me. So, we repaired into the very back confines of the club and I must say he was an accomplished lover. He served me from behind but I noticed also that he was teasing and playing with my 'forbiddin city', (first from the back of the neck). Finally he asked me if he could penetrate and by then I was so aroused that I agreed but at the same time explained that this was new territory for me. Lots of lube and foreplay and strange at first but then, bingo, I love it. I love it, but I love it even more when I feel a women's touch on my clit and yes, big breasts hasn't forgotten me. My vocals were heard throughout the club! Sorree.

Heh, what a night. How can I surpass that!?!

Regards, Sophie (Club name)

Ok so first up I haven’t been to CCK for a while now but it still sounds as awesome if not better than ever, some R18 content follows.My FWB - let’s call her Jules cos that’s her name and I were fairly regular callers, we loved the voyeur aspect of the club and her favourite opening stunt was to blow me in the bar area in full view of everyone- for some reason she was really turned on by this and who was I to complain ? We loved the bed areas (where we played with and in front of others) and swing too-on occasion Jules drenched me just from the pleasure of her being in the swing - sorry Carl for the cleaning. She was quite into playing with other girls which I enjoyed as a watcher and sometimes participant. As a smoker we did spend time in the smoking area and chatted to some fascinating people some of which we played with later.Unfortunately, Jules passed about 18 months ago so haven’t had the opportunity to go back but if I could find someone who doesn’t mind an older guy with stamina I’d be back like a shot 😀 Thanks for the opportunity to share some really good memories and I really hope to see u guys real soon

Regards Pete

Thank you for reading this letter, and letting me express what you have done to my darling Partner and I! We have always been curious and little adventurous in the smallest ways, and have wanted to branch out more, but never thought how. Your club name has popped up in many conversations about it, but we are not “Swingers” or “full swap” so it wouldn’t work to well for us, How wrong were we!!! We decided to go, sort out a safe word (getting little ahead of ourselves due to excitement) and say to each other what we approve of and what we don’t. On arriving, as many others have confirmed, we had a very comfortable, and welcoming greeting, like we have been there many times before. Everyone was friendly, we were approached by others with them having only the friendliest conversations with and without clothing, and zero expectations! As my partner was pleasing me on a bed with little audience around us watching, I had another woman whisper in my ear, “come F*#k me in the booth in 5 min if you like” . To what a surprise that was, and my partner was encouraging me to partake, but seemed there was a bit of a queue, so we thought another time. We aren’t “Swingers” or Full Swap couple, but we like to get freaky with others watching or being watched, and that had us turned on fully! So to anyone that gets a chance to go with there G/F, B/F wife, husband or partners, it’s not like the movies, everyone’s experience is what they make of it! PS, No safe word was needed in both visits we have been.

Thanks again, R & K

Dear Carl, Chloe, and the brilliant CKK team,

My partner and I are both very new to the scene and still figuring out where we fit, and I just personally wanted to thank you so much for providing such a warm and welcoming venue to safely explore and discover ourselves. It really takes the pressure off being in a place with limitless possibilities, but zero expectations! We visited for the first time last month, and we’re both quite shy and private personalities however the atmosphere at the club made it surprisingly easy to relax and let our inner freaks out for a play. We arrived early and enjoyed a few drinks in the lounge and met some other newcomers as well as couples that have been longtime patrons. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging (and of course gorgeous!) After the meet and greet session we decided to remove a few items of clothing and go explore the different rooms. We found the cozy room to the left of the bar and my partner started to pleasure me. We were soon joined on the bed by two other couples and I had a turn pleasuring my partner while he watched the two couples exchanging theirs. The thrill of being so close to such an erotic situation was out of this world!

We had similar encounters in each of the other rooms, and it was so hot to watch, and also be watched by others. We were both a bit too shy to initiate anything with others, but near the end of the night I was approached by Sam and her partner. She came up behind me as I was standing facing my partner and she softly kissed my shoulder and started to explore my body with her hands, my partner’s eyes opened really wide and I heard him whisper a delighted “oh wow!” The evening ended on such a high note, as we walked out to our car my partner asked “what time is it, it feels really early, should we stay longer?” but it was already 1am, time really does fly!

Thanks again for providing such a positive and safe environment to have fun, we will definitely be back again soon!

Cheers, Sarah & Mike

Kia ora!

A bit of a back story - my husband and I are in our mid 20’s, started dating in high school and about to celebrate 8 years together so have really only been with each other. We’ve always tried being open minded when it comes to the bedroom to spice things up.For the past two years we’ve talked about CCK. We listened to podcasts for swinger newbies, really opened up our communication, discussed boundaries, but were always to scared to go! My husband and I came to CCK for the first time last month and wowwwww. As soon as we arrived we felt comfortable and our worries were at ease. Not only was everyone super friendly, but it felt like such a safe place to explore your desires with likeminded people. We didn’t expect it, but we ended up having a VERY eventful evening and agreed we’d definitely be coming back. Our anniversary is the week of the next YNZS party. We’ve never really celebrated our anniversary in the past but definitely will be this year!

Speaking for myself, I feel super lucky that my marriage is in a place where we can explore our desires together and maintaining our trust and security. It’s not without the help of amazing places like CCK that create such a light, fun, sexy, safe and comfortable environment! Thanks so much to the team, we can’t recommend CCK enough - we’ve already started talking to our friends about CCK and hope they visit soon too! See you in March!

N & R xx

Hi Carl,

I wish to remain anonymous please... Not even my 'club alias'. The reason is that I'm a bit of a CCK veteran having visited fairly regularly now for more than ten years. I'm a single woman with a regular partner. We both enjoy the Swinging lifestyle however our activities are restricted solely to CCK and are a closely guarded secret between just the two of us.My reason for writing is I'd love some free tickets, (ha, ha!) but really to comment on what I've observed at CCK over the years and for newcomers, maybe a tip or two that might be helpful. Here goes..

It's common to see the 'newbies' arrive full of anticipation and wide-eyed from their introductory tour of the club by Carl. (Often they're seeing full action at close quarters straight away! ) The inclination then driven mainly by the male, is to gulp down a couple of drinks and then lead his partner by the hand straight up the stairs for full on sexual engagement.Okay, I know, it is unfair to generalise but we woman are good at observation and believe me this does happen often. Then, upstairs the guys tries to egg his partner on with encouraging words like 'go for it babe, join in or suck this or that'. Such pressure can be a real turnoff for us women. (Girls, do you agree?)


y tip for first timers is first of all to relax and chill. Make the effort to mix and mingle in the lounge, introduce yourselves in the lounge and don't hesitate to disclose that you're newbies. Keep the chat general and light and don't ask specifics like 'where do you work, where do you live' etc. Don't use your real names, agree on 'club names' before you go and never exchange phone numbers. In the course of this mixing and mingling, you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how friendly and welcoming everyone is. You may or may not always find people where there is that mutual attraction that will lead you to play together immediately. Whether you do or not, you'll still have started to build connections and the voyeurism and playing together in the highly charged and erotic environment is very cool in itself!

So, take time to smell the roses, relax, show respect, and don't hurry your partner! You will find that this is more likely to lead to the fun times you've be hoping for.

Regards, Anon

Dear CCK,

My name is A. (Real name). I hope that I can contribute an alternative take on Swinging for your members... I'm in my 50's now and am married to a lovely bi-women, 20 years my junior. Before we married we both agreed that it should be an 'open' marriage given that whilst we are a strong couple in love, neither of us wished to sacrifice our freedoms. We agreed to be totally honest with one another and share all of our experiences. In the first few years we would share our partners and we had some wonderful nights at CCK and at other clubs in Europe. Sometimes one of us would become infatuated, or fall in love with a 'friend' and this could be painful. Nevertheless, it's been a colourful and awesome journey overall especially now we have a son. My work takes me to Europe for months at a time and during covid, I was 'working from home' and confined to a small apartment with a friend in Europe. Of course this is all shared with my wife, as her adventures back home are shared with me. I must say, after many years of a libertarian lifestyle and all that it brings, including numerous visits with and without my wife to swingers clubs in Europe and Asia, that our fondest memories lie with the CCK club in Auckland. This place is of an International standard and we go there whenever we are in NZ. I still receive the weekly CCK newsletters and always make time to read them!

Regards, A

Dear Carl,

I thought I should submit a letter based on our first visit to CCK. We hail from Hamilton and I'll use our 'club names', Di and Bryan to protect our anonymity! A close friend of mine and his lady are both regulars and had mentioned the club a few time to me. I'd floated it with Di but that went nowhere, until, sometime later, I noticed that in her curiosity she'd googled CCK a couple of times and read a lot of the blurb about it. Anyway, the description, the information and the club ground-rules obviously reassured her and we agreed that we should pay a visit the following Saturday and overnight in Auckland. Maybe I should have explained that we're a happily married couple with kids so you can imagine that this 'venture to the wild side' was a big deal for us both but especially for Di. Our first impressions of the club were the warmth and friendliness of both our hosts but also of other guests. The style, decor and quality of the venue was superb. Our intro tour of the club by Carl was memorable for there was already action happening upstairs. I could see that Di was excited by this and at being right amongst it. After a couple of drinks each we were eager to go upstairs and play 'voyeurs'. We weren't disappointed. In fact Di became engaged in a chat with a single woman who clearly fancied her and soon escorted her down to the more intimate and private part of the club by the swing. I was rapt because I'd somehow sensed that my wife was bi-curious and she was now being licked all over by this wonderful redhead who coaxed her into the chair and with some very skilled 'dining at the Y' drew two shuddering, massive orgasms from my wife. For me, being a relatively passive bystander, it was the highlight of the night! After that, I took Di's hand and lead her through to the backroom where there was half a bed free, (yes, the other half featured a threesome), and I enjoyed with Di a great game of 'hide the sausage' inspired by the team next to us on the same bed!

So, CCK, we have much to thank you for in providing us with your lovely well-managed venue and adventures we will not forget. We will definitely be back!

Regards, Bryan and Di, Hamilton

This was our second visit to CCK.

First time around was great, we had some rather enlightening conversations with people more experienced than us, everyone was friendly and it was great to be able to have these kinds of conversations with like-minded people. We largely kept to ourselves in the play areas but still had a ton of fun! Second time around was a whole other story, we met a couple there that we had a great connection with and ended up with having a pretty wild and hot +++ night. Of all of our experiences inside and outside the club, this was by far our favourite yet!

We've both recommended CCK to a number of friends, a few have made the trip and none have regretted it, we live a 5-hour drive away but it's well worth it! Can't wait to return 😊

T & S xxx

First and foremost, thank you Carl, as young first timers you made us feel so at ease and enjoyed the tour. Our first visit has sparked my bi side and our swinger side that I never knew I could have. I loved everything about CCK I fully recommend it to anyone I meet and after coming out of my innocent side I can’t wait to take hubby back and enjoy the sexy company of others who are just as horny as I am ☺️😊

P.S our sex life is on a whole other now thanks CCK

Til next time 😊 A..L.. xxx

Hi My partner (66) and myself (well over 70!) attended the 45+ event at the beginning of the December. It was a first for my partner but I had visited on a previous occasion, so had an idea of what to expect, although on that occasion I observed rather than participated. We were both very nervous, and couldn't believe that we were actually going to do this, but had decided that we would go along for a couple of drinks, see what happened and if nothing happened, we would just head back to the hotel and have fun ourselves. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, we were both nervous, but we got ourselves all dressed up, and agreed we looked very good. We arrived and were shown around, and then headed to the bar for a drink. We chatted to the couple next to us, had a second drink, then went exploring. We came across a lovely lady being pleasured and joined in briefly, me sucking her breasts and my partner going down on her while she had the other guys cock in her mouth. From there we went to the swing seat, where my partner started eating me, only to have this gorgeous lady ask if she may do the same. I agreed, and have never known such pleasure before, she was fantastic and while she was giving me multiple climaxes, I stroked her partners cock and my partner was sucking my tits. Several people gathered round to watch. Then my partner was eating the pussy of a lady who was in "the box" while her partner was fingering me and making me squirt time after time. We retreated to one of the beds, where we fucked, then before we left, my partner sought out the lady who was so fantastic at eating me, and asked her if she would please come and eat me some more. She was happy to do so - it was amazing and again a crowd gathered. We got dressed and left shortly after, walking back to our hotel, where we fucked for ages. The next day on the drive home, we couldn't stop smiling and agreed we will do it again. Being older we both think we may not feel so comfortable on anything other than the 45+ events, and sadly we're not able (at this stage) to come along for the one in March but we certainly hope to come again.

C & G

Hey Guys,

I am happy to write up my story for letter of the week. Maturity is not a very appealing word, but it comes to all of us who don’t die young, and it's seldom a condition one looks forward to. We were into the swinging lifestyle back in the day, but my beloved partner is no longer a player. For my part, I missed both the sexual energy and fun community experiences of swinging. Finding out that CKK had 45+ themed nights was just the thing to get me off the fence and back into the swing! Even so, attending unaccompanied was a bit intimidating. No one wants to be seen as 'that woman’, who could be suspected of being a potential husband hunter amongst couples. Fortunately, a luscious mixed drink from the bar did the trick to help me settle in. I quickly realised I was back home in my happy place, surrounded by lovely, friendly, happy, sexy people. It was an experience similar to finding an almost forgotten dress in the back of the wardrobe and discovering that it's still a perfect fit, simply wonderful! The time flew by, and the gentlemen present took very good care of me, delightful doesn’t even begin to describe the intense pleasure, pure ecstasy spreading through every nerve in my body, wow! The cherry on top was meeting a fine gentleman who shared one of my hobbies and my love of old tunes with meaningful lyrics and sweet melodies. Who could ask for anything more? When I got home, my partner was thrilled to see me so vibrant and happy. Yay! This classic party girl is back and very much looking forward to the next party!

Dear Chloe and Carl,

I'm a married woman, sort of 60-ish and hubby is 17 years my senior. So, you may ask, where is this going? Here's where and I hope it's a tale that may resonate with other woman over 50 or even my age! Here's the thing. I've looked after myself pretty well, never smoked and stay active. My appetite for sex hasn't diminished whereas my partner's flew out the window about 5 years ago so for me, you might say I'm in the desert! I'm not a quitter so I explored the Internet and found CCK. I saw the 'Over 45's' event and about 18 months ago I finally built up the courage to firstly, get clearance from hubby and secondly, to actually go. (The second part was harder, hubby was not enthusiastic, but was willing for me to go provided it stayed within the club. He has seen my letter. We discuss everything). Now I will never miss an Over 45's event. I drive the 2 hours to Auckland from home, I arrive on time, I restrict myself to just two cocktails, (love them), then I relax and chill in the gorgeous CCK lounge bar. Without exception, and again at the Sunday event just gone, I chat with wonderful, friendly and sexy people. Always the same, courteous and considerate gentleman who approach me and politely seek some fun with me, ( having got the green light from their partners first). How cool is that? Often the partners come along to watch or take up other options. Three or four interludes, cuddles, chatting, fucking and sucking.. just what the doctor ordered. One of my Over 45's suitors 'rang the bell' twice within the same session. Not bad, huh?I stay 'til the end then it's coffee and I'm off into the night for the drive home fully sated knowing that my main job when I get home is to firstly share everything with hubby but then to straight away book for the next Over 45's which, by the way, is the 5th or March. Pity it's not every month! Thank you, Chloe and Carl, awesome club and a fab cosmic rebalance for me.

Best regards, S

Hey Guys, I am happy to write up our story for letter of the week.

We (wife and I) visited last Saturday and had a great night. We have been irregularly visiting (that should change) for quite a while and it just keeps getting better and better. We often say that if you take the ‘other’ stuff out, it is just a really cool bar with cool people. Anyway, on Saturday night we got speaking with a really hot couple and before we knew it we were upstairs and having a fantastic foursome. I loved watching my wife give a great blowjob and then get taken from behind while I pleasured his wife with my mouth. She then suggested putting my cock in her mouth while her husband was behind her. There I was kneeling in front of my wife while this very sexy girl was taking turns with sucking me and then handing it on to my wife. I ended up on top of her while my wife was leaning on top of me still having a great time. From there we met a South American girl who was super sexy. My wife suggested that she and I get it on. Who are we to argue? With a decent crowd watching as well as her partner and my wife (who, of course, took him into her mouth), we had some great hard sex. This night was already awesome. Did it stop? After a little watching and recovering we got speaking with another girl who lived quite close to where we had come from (out of towners). Sure enough, 10 minutes later (what other bar does that happen at?) she has me inside her mouth, followed by me taking her on the bed while she played with my wife.

I call CCK my ‘happy place’. Can anyone argue with that?

Hi Guys

Having just got back from my third visit to CCK I thought I would share my experiences. Living a flight away from Auckland, means that some planning is involved in my/our trips so I am grateful that you list your events well in advance. My first visit to the club was as a single at the Bang Bang Club. I was warmly greeted by Carl at the door on arrival, and after checking out the surroundings I nervously grabbed a couple of drinks while chatting to others in the bar area, I really didn’t know what to expect. Then the shotgun start happened, Carl on the mic welcoming everyone, laying down the ground rules and the call to “Get the Fuck On”, and then it was all on! A wonderful group of lovely ladies, most supported by their partners, with the ability to pick and choose who they played with. When not directly involved in play myself it was it was a visual delight just to stand back and watch all the action. After this first visit I was hooked. The second visit was with the GF. We attended on a Friday night not long after lockdown, so it was a bit quieter but pretty much an ideal way to introduce my somewhat nervous partner to the club. Once again we were warmly greeted at the door by Carl and given the newbies tour. The tour was repeated a number of times that night, so we knew that weren't the only fresh faces there that evening. As our first visit as a couple, we pretty much just stuck to enjoying the evening playing together. We loved watching, as well as being watched while fucking, and we put the sling to pretty good use too. A great way to spend an evening sipping on cocktails while having a sexy time. We vowed to come back and participate more with others as a couple. My latest visit was just this last weekend to the Pendulum party as a single. What a fantastic afternoon/evening event with a perfect mix of couples and single males of mixed ages. Everyone attending the party was pretty chill. I enjoyed chatting at the bar before the action started, and I most defiantly enjoyed all of the bi play. One very memorable part of the evening was seeing one guy getting a paddling on the St Andrews cross by a couple of ladies – talk about hot and now on the bucket list for me on a future visit. Lost in the evening I was surprised to hear Carl announce there was only an hour of play left, I definitely made best use of that last hour right up till the very end.

Thanks Chloe & Carl, you provide a wonderful club in which to share hot sexy fun with likeminded others exploring the word of swinging. My partner and I are already looking at the next event we can attend as a couple. It’s possibly somewhat lucky that we don’t reside in Auckland or I would probably be direct crediting my salary into your bank account nearly every week.



I am so pleased to inform yous how amazingly well our night went on Thursday 10th November just last week. As myself (female) and my partners (male) 2nd or 3rd time visit to CCK, we really wanted to explore and venture out a little more of our fantasies and spice our lives up a bit. So I decided to bring a girlfriend of mine along to the party with us and of course as her first time at CCK she was nervous but excited at the same time. Once we arrived at the door and we were greeted by Cloe, my friend told her that she was so nervous and it was her first time here. But Cloe made it so comfortable & welcoming and mentioned that actually tonight was pretty quiet so it was a good night for Newbies as it wouldn't be so overwhelming like how it is during the weekends when its packed and a full house. She assured my friend that she would be fine and told her that we and the CCK team would look after her and explained the rules and how it works when YES means YES you agree and consent to it and NO means NO. Okay now to the fun part of my story so my partner my girlfriend and I got a drink each at the bar, mine being a non alcoholic drink as I was the good girl & sober driver haha we sat down to chat to eachother and talk to my friend and ask her what some of her fantasies were or what she would like to try. Where we sat in the bar was directly opposite 2 really beautiful women that I was immediately attracted to, I leant over to my partner and friend and said to them should I go over and chat with them. My partner at first thought I was a little to eager and it might seem a bit too soon to spark a convo since we had only just arrived. But me on the other hand was just like well why the heck not they are super gorgeous and you don't know unless you ask right! So I waltzed over said hi they introduced themselves and we got chatting and I then told them I was here with my partner and a girlfriend of mine. They joined in at our table and my friend and the 2 beautiful women made an automatic connection with eachother as they all spoke spanish. This helped my friend ease into it more and open up a little as it was also the 2 beautiful ladies first time at CCK too. As we continued chatting 1 of the beautiful ladies said she needed to go to the toilet but actually went up to the room and confidently joined in with another girl and started getting her groove on lolz. The other friend was quite shy, so we asked if she would like to join us but she wanted to wait a little longer. My partner my girlfriend and I all went to get changed or undressed I should say and we all started playing with eachother, my girlfriend wanted us to use some of the toys on her and she loved the microphone shaped vibrator. We were now fully kissing, sucking and fucking eachother like crazy and little did we realize another female was watching us and was super horny and turned on and so aroused by our foreplay etc. She joined in with us too, my girlfriend had so much fun for her first time experience at CCK and we tried to book for the Sunday "GANG BANG! EVENT" aswell but it was fully booked. So we booked for the next day Friday night and I invited and brought another girlfriend of mine along to the Friday Party. Woohoo! My hubby felt like a King that night with 3 girls tending to him and spoiling him hahaha. I don't know if there was something in the water hehe but he was an absolute sex machine animal that night I tell ya! His sex drive was like next level. He fucked me soo good, then my girlfriend who had her first experience the night before wanted to try the swing OMG! She absolutely loved that and I along with my other girlfriend watched and played with eachother ohh it was soo fricken hot and such a turn on. Then my hubby went up to the tent and found another horny lady who's partner was happy to let my hubby eat her pussy out while he wanked off and watched, then my hubby took his Mrs to 1 of the beds and fucked her. Meanwhile my other girlfriends put me inside the mystery box and pumped me with the drill dildo till I climaxed and cummed. Ohh! My goodness we had so much hot sexy fun. The husband to the lady that was fucking my man saw me and my 2 girlfriends and started kissing 1 of my girls and sucking her boobs and then gave her a really good finger fucking till her whole body was tingling and shaking in awww. Ohh what a fucking fantastic 2 nights we had and my partner and I are still raving on about it now. We will definitely be back for sure maybe at the next Big Event. New Years Eve if we are lucky enough that will be a vibe. Thank yous soo much Carl, Cloe and all the CCK Crew for allowing us this opportunity to possibly win a free pass for our next visit. And I'm sorry for such a long story but I felt I just couldn't cut it short otherwise all the details would be left out. Thanks again CCK, look forward to hearing back from yous and seeing you all again soon.

Cinta xx


As a women new to CCK, (my partner and I have been only once, a month ago), I've been quietly enjoying your weekly newsletter and the letters from guests. I say 'quietly' because although for us new to the scene it was a real eye opener and we had a great time, I think my partner has a tendency to possibly get a bit jealous so I didn't want to come across as too eager. Obviously we've discussed it many times and my man still said he'd like to go again. The other thing though is that he's nervous about being seen there! Bit of a joke really since we've got over 5 million people in NZ so the chance is similar to winning Lotto I reckon. Then you've got the discussion... 'what are you doing here?' 'Just taking a look, you? ' LOL!!

Anyway, we went for our second visit last week. Wow! It was great. We met 2 cool couples in the lounge area that we almost immediately clicked with. I was amazed that my guy took the initiative with this really horny woman and they disappeared into the tent for ages. I felt that this then gave me the green light to give both the other guys a joint BJ down in the dark area by the swing. (Another tick on my bucket list!) When my guy found me half an hour later the 2 guys were pleasuring me beautifully in the swing.. The angles are just right.

I hope I'm not coming across as a bragger but more explaining how in our case it went from tentative to 'eager beavers' after just two visits. We're both hooked now but I've never asked my man what happened in the tent!!

Thank you, CCK, for providing such a lovely venue for us to explore our sexy side.


Dear Carl and Chloe,

Having visited many similar clubs in Europe in the past, I did not know what to expect during my first visit to CCK. Being a single man and a newbie, I was also a little nervous and anxious about the reception from other more experienced guests. You immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome and the whole atmosphere of the place and the people were very relaxed and friendly. I enjoyed my first visit so much that I came back for a second visit soon after and felt just as comfortable. I especially enjoyed meeting and talking to other like-minded guests who enjoy this lifestyle as much as I do. Thank you so much for providing this beautiful, clean and safe space where we can all meet, enjoy ourselves and create special friends and memories. Looking forward to my next visit.

European man

Dear Carl and Chloe,

After a long time away from CCK, we decided it was time to go check out the club again. So last Saturday night we headed in for some fun. First thing we noticed was that the layout of the bar had changed. We really like the new layout as it seems to bring people together better as everyone was sitting together we really found this great as we needed up chatting to people we might not have chatted too otherwise. We had an amazing night and some very hot fun with some lovely people people we met, We’ll definitely be getting along to the club on a more regular basis, as the club atmosphere is a great place to safely explore your fantasies together and with different people who are looking for a night of fun, and so much easier and less pressure than meeting someone out side of the club.

J and C

Dear Chloe and Carl,

I'm sorry that this letter isn't a super raunchy one like those I've enjoyed reading from recent winners. The reason being that we're mainly voyeurs. I do mean mainly, we're not at all closed to full audience participation! The thing is, we tend to regard CCK as our local because we're Central Auckland apartment dwellers and drop in every couple of weeks or so for a few drinks. We just Uber up in 5 minutes. The way we look at it is that this is the most entertaining bar in Auckland and we love it! We mix and mingle and we always play together however whether we include a play with others depends entirely on who it is and how we're both feeling. We're very much into one another and find the environment highly erotic and conducive! We're great voyeurs and it turns us on so much that when we get home it's crazy! Sometimes we'll go into the tent and we have had some awesome fun there as well. If we don't swing with another couple, we don't consider the night a disappointment. My partner came home with a gag I liked last night. Here it is: 'The Definition of Rodeo Sex. So, the married couple are making out and the husband comments that her sister seems to have firmer breasts... Then sees if he can stay on for the full 8 seconds!' (Carl, if I'm lucky enough to win with my letter and you don't like the gag, then just can it).

Thank you both for your wonderful hospitality!

Yours faithfully, H.