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Weekly Lifestyle Parties

Wicked Wednesday Night

Book Now for Wicked Wednesday Night

Couples, Ladies & Gents

Chillout Thursday Night

Book Now for Chillout Thursday Night

Couples, Ladies Only

Fantasy Friday Night

Book Now for Fantasy Friday Night

Couples, Ladies Only

Sensual Saturday Night

Book Now for Sensual Saturday Night

Couples, Ladies Only

Upcoming Lifestyle Events


- More information about Dressdown

Invitation to Book Now - 2nd June, 27th October

45 below

- More information about 45 Below

Invitation to Book Now - 16th June, 15th August, 6th October, 31st October

Ladies Only

- More information about SKIRTS

Invitation to Book Now - 21st June, 9th August, 20th September, 1st November, 13th December

Young New Zealand Swingers

- More information about YNZS

Invitation to Book Now - 30th June, 25th August, 20th October

Bangbang Club

- More information about BangBangClub

Invitation to Book Now - 14th July, 22nd September, 1st December

CCK Hotwifing

- More information about CCK Hotwifing

Invitation to Book Now - 28th July, 17th November

45+ Roast

- More information about 45 Plus Roast

Invitation to Book Now - 11th August, 3rd November

private affair

- More information about Private Affair

Invitation to Book Now - 8th September

Bi-Couples/Singles party

- More information about Pendulum

Invitation to Book Now - 15th September, 15th December

Guests Health & Safety

Here is a summary of measures taken at CCK to keep us all safe....

- All guests are temperature - tested upon arrival.
- CCK is fastidiously cleansed on an ongoing basis Inc. Ultra Violet (UV) Air Cleaning Process.
- Sanitizers in all areas.
- Remember that CCK has installed the Aura Air 5 stage Purification system that filters and monitors air quality in real time. Tests overseas have proven the effectiveness of Aura in dealing with Covid.